Host 2011
February 23
18:00-19:00Opening Ceremony
February 24
13:30-14:30Cross-Country Sprint L/M Qual Free
15:00-17:15Cross-Country Sprint L/M Fin Free
19:30-20:00Medal Ceremony
February 25
12:30-13:30Ski Jumping HS106 Qual M
15:00-16:30Ski Jumping HS106 Ind L
19:30-20:00Medal Ceremony
February 26
10:00-11:00Nordic Combined Ind HS106
11:30-12:30Cross-Country 15km Pursuit L
13:00-13:45Nordic Combined 10km Ind
15:00-16:45Ski Jumping HS106 Ind M
19:30-20:00Medal Ceremony
February 27
12:00-13:30Cross-Country 30km Pursuit M
15:00-16:45Ski Jumping HS106 Team M
19:30-20:00Medal Ceremony
February 28
11:30-12:30Nordic Combined Team HS106
13:00-14:15Cross-Country 10km Ind L Cl
15:00-16:15Nordic Combined Team 4x5km
19:30-20:00Medal Ceremony
March 1
13:00-14:30Cross-Country 15km Ind M Cl
19:30-20:00Medal Ceremony
March 2
11:00-12:00Nordic Combined HS134 Ind
12:15-14:00Cross-Country Team Sprint Qual M & L Cl
14:15-15:15Cross-Country Team Sprint Fin M & L Cl
16:00-16:45Nordic Combined 10km Ind
18:00-19:00Ski Jumping HS134 Qual M
19:30-20:00Medal Ceremony
March 3
14:00-15:00Cross-Country 4 x 5 km Relay L
17:00-19:00Ski Jumping HS134 Ind M
19:30-20:00Medal Ceremony
March 4
11:30-12:30Nordic Combined Team HS134
12:45-14:30Cross-Country Relay 4x10km M
16:00-17:15Nordic Combined Team 4x5km
19:30-20:00Medal Ceremony
March 5
12:00-13:30Cross-Country 30km Mass st. L Free
15:30-17:15Ski Jumping HS134 M Team
19:30-20:00Medal Ceremony
March 6
13:00-15:30Cross-Country 50km Mass st. M Free
15:30-16:00Medal/Closing Ceremony

Urgent news

    Beautycam Holmenkollen

    Daylight in Holmenkollen

    Local time/CET
    = UTC/GMT +1

    23 February 2011:

    • Sunrise 07:37
    • Sunset 17:28
    • Hours of sunlight: 09:51

    6 March 2011:

    • Sunrise 07:05
    • Sunset 17:56
    • Hours of sunlight: 10:51